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Promises...They are as abundant among Truck Dealers as the Trucks decorating their inventories. But like so many Trucks in this industry, these promises are often abused, worn-out and rarely stand up under closer inspection. That is the unfortunate reality of Truck Buying today. What gets lost in the haze of dishonesty is a customer's ability to find the right truck for their needs at the right price.

Diesel Max Trucks and the Ganley Auto Group has spent more than 40 years strengthening the bond between the dealer and the customer and we have done it not with promises but a process. This process starts with finding the right truck, and understanding that right means more than just the price. Each of our Trucks is an individual, it has its own identity, an identity that we want you to be proud to own when it arrives at your home. Our only focus day in and day out at Diesel Max Trucks is to help assist our customers in the selection of their next truck or auto with simple straight talk. No fancy sales pitch, No high pressure tactics and No undelivered Promises...Let us show you the Diesel Max Difference!!

Inventory Selection Process

We go to great lengths to ensure that our inventory is flawless, and that each and every car, truck and SUV has been scrutinized prior to purchase. This begins by sifting through 15,000 cars each week. From laptop screens to auction lanes, every piece of our inventory is hand picked by our team of Diesel Max buyers. This team has over 100 combined years of experience in acquiring inventory that meets our exceedingly high standards, but also ensuring we can still offer our customer the competitive price they deserve. During our Inventory Selection Process VINs are scanned, repair orders and history reports are researched, paint thickness is measured, and scratches, tears, and smells are noted. Whether the vehicle is $5,000 or $50,000, the time and energy our team spends on each car and truck is the same. We make sure of this because our mission is to provide every budget, every interest, and most importantly, every customer with a vehicle that exceeds their expectations. We do this with honesty and integrity, because we still believe that those qualities define the...Diesel Max Difference!!

Inspection & Detail

After purchasing the most select vehicles available from all corners of this nation, our process continues by servicing and reconditioning these new additions. Every car we buy is subjected to a bumper to bumper safety check by our Ford Master Technicians. If a part fails, we replace it. If an alignment is required, or a sunroof doesn't close properly, we fix it. Even maintenance items, such as brakes, air filters, and fluids, are brought within each manufactures specifications, regardless if it's a Ford Mustang or Chevrolet Silverado. Promises do not hold much water in the car industry, which is why we are happy to walk each customer though our spotless service & detail center where they can observe first hand the attention to detail the Diesel Max Team takes prior to your ownership.

Once the new arrivals to our inventory are deemed mechanically perfect, we then proceed with the reconditioning process. We clay bar each vehicle, buff, and then wax it; clearing the paint of any surface scratches or other blemishes. Rare dings or dents, are expertly repaired. Rims are refinished, and interiors are retouched. It is this step within our process that is the most time consuming; averaging between two and three days per car, but the finished product is worth the wait. Most other dealerships call us crazy when they learn about this attention to detail, but we just call it the...Diesel Max Difference!!

Warranty & After Sale Support

Our competitors say we are different. Some even say that we are a dinosaur, living in the past. But our unwillingness to change is because we believe in the principals that define the Diesel Max Difference. We believe in serving the public, not to take advantage of them. We believe that our customers should be able to buy with confidence. Confidence that truly starts after the sale is made. We believe in being there to support our customer whether it's a routine oil change or a warranty repair. We still believe that the perfect deal still exists, it's just waiting to be found. Following these simple beliefs is our promise to you, our customer. Experience the...Diesel Max Difference!!

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